Kat Finch - Letterpress prints, drawings, design

Ryan Spooner - Logo Design, Merch Design

Hayley McVay - Documentary

Chad Fox - Song writing, instruments, photography

Caleb Young - Film, photography, Design

Delaney Motter - Music Writing

Tyler Crumrine - Editorial, Design

Daniel Scott Parker - Screen printing

Wendelin Wohlgemuth - Drums, photography

Brian Marth - Photography

Cameron Currier - Cinematography

Keaton Collective - Gang vocals, performance, photography

Dave Richards - Engineering, producing, design, sound

Ricky Penabla - Engineering, producing

The Braille Tapes - Geriatric Noise, Modern Life, (in) photographs

Elliot Young - Acting, moral support

WIlla Pope-Crutchley - Acting, moral support

Bennett Park - Music, performance, acting

Joshua Young - Creator and all disciplines